Specialist Facade Inspections Ltd shares its Government Authorisation Letter.

The letter states that:

Making buildings safe, including progressing the remediation of high-rise buildings with unsafe cladding, particularly those with unsafe Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding; and maintaining measures to ensure buildings are safe ahead of remediation, remains a priority for the government.

The government’s view is that this work is critical to public safety and as such we request that you please permit the bearer of this letter to proceed with their essential travel. SFI is committed to protecting our staff and others who may be affected by our works and is taking all measures possible in this difficult time to ensure their health, safety and welfare.

Alongside the Authorisation Letter, a new COVID-19 Site Safety Policy has already been created to ensure the utmost safety of staff and customers during the pandemic.

You can view the SFI Ltd Covid-19 Site Safety Policy here.

You can view the Government Authorisation Letter in full here.

You can view the complete Governmental Guidance in full here.