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Drone Surveys

Drone / Aerial Inspections

Drone surveys (UAV surveys) have become an increasingly popular method of carrying out surveying projects, from domestic roofing surveys to full structural assessments. We now offer our own service that uses technology to offer alternative visual options that allow you to work smarter. Capturing data can be quicker, safer and cheaper than traditional methods due to the versatility drone surveys offer your project.

Drones are an excellent option for previously inaccessible or potentially hazardous areas, as they can easily collect data that would otherwise be almost impossible to gather, and they offer a safer alternative to working at a height. They also save the use of inspection scaffolding which saves time and money; drone surveys take a fraction of the time on site and provide more detailed data.

Suitable across a range of our services, drones can be used alone or as an add-on service alongside more traditional surveying methods, but our team of experts are able to advise on what service is best suited.

From bridge dilapidation reports to visual databases monitoring construction progress, our drones collect high quality visual stills and video using 4k footage and a 32x zoom, with the option of thermal imaging, ensuring that you have all possible information available to you.

If we find any ongoing or potential problems during our drone surveys, our in-house specification team is available to offer cost-effective solution programmes.


  • Can collect data more quickly and safely than traditional methods.
  • Ideal solution for inaccessible areas.
  • Equally effective as a stand-alone survey or a complementary service.
  • A cost-efficient method that minimises the amount of survey time on site.

Buildings & Structures

  • Roof and Cladding Surveys
  • Gutter and Channel Inspections
  • Structural assessment, external/internal
  • Dilapidation Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Thermal Imagery

Construction & Land

  • Construction Progress
  • Solar and Turbine Inspections
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Solar Panel Inspections

External cladding advice from the experts