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BSI PAS 9980 Certification

The PAS 9980 document is an agreed best practice for the production of a Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls (FRAEW) for residential buildings.

EWS1 Certification

External wall fire review to record what assessment has been carried out for the construction of residential apartment buildings (highest floor is 18m+ above ground level) or concerns exist.

Cladding & Facade Inspections

Cladding and Facade inspections and investigative reports for fire, safety, material identification and testing (compliant of EWS1 and meeting MHCLG requirements).

Refurbishment & Re-Cladding

To offer a leading cladding system that meets current requirement guidelines, with the assurance of passing an EWS1 assessment.

Remedial Works, Costs & Monitoring

Service provided after an on-site visit to produce a quotation to rectify any/all identified problematic works, to meet a required standard.

Curtain Walling Checks & Reports

Report analysis detailing the outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural. Can be provided following an on-site visit.

Facade Condition Reports

Service that delivers an official, comprehensive report to determine the integrity of existing cladding and the suitability of the system.

Facade Design Compliance Coordination

Tide up in legal work? We offer our services for any legal advice and managing related to taxes or accounting of any kind. We offer a complete solution.

Pre & Post Tender Advice

Regulatory guidance to provide advice for works either before or after a tender.

Insurance Company Reports

Produce of an officially-recognised EWS1 document, that is approved for insurance purposes, so that a building may be valued accurately.

Facade Performance Specification Writing

Service to rate the fire safety of cladding based on existing testing data and further in-depth investigation work carried out.

Drone / Aerial Inspections

From domestic roofing surveys to full structural assessments, we offer our own service that uses technology to offer alternative visual options that allow you to work smarter.

New Build Assistance

Acting as a third-party consultant to new build projects, primarily to help achieve required compliance of EWS1, during the period that the building is being designed.