The new PAS 9980 document has been released by the British Standards Institution, and we’ve answered all your questions on it, to make sure that you know what it is and how it could affect your building. It’s not as daunting as it initially sounds!

What is a “PAS”?

A PAS is a Publicly Available Specification developed and issued by the BSI (British Standards Institution).

Where can I find a copy of PAS 9980?

Anyone can download a copy for free from BSI at the following link:

What is the purpose of PAS 9980?

PAS 9980 has been developed to provide an agreed best practice for the production of a “FRAEW” (a Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls) for residential buildings.

Does PAS 9980 change the law?

No, but its development was endorsed by the Government and is supported by the Home Office and the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).

Does PAS 9980 replace the EWS1 form?

No, it serves a separate purpose. The EWS1 form exists to inform valuation of multi-occupancy residential buildings with cladding. A FRAEW carried out under the PAS serves to inform the Fire Risk Assessment of a residential building.

Does PAS 9980 change the EWS1 form?

No, the EWS1 form has not been altered, but it is likely that a PAS 9980 compliant report will increasingly be used as the backing justification to explain an EWS1 decision.

Do the two types of assessment proposed by PAS 9980 correspond to the existing categories within the EWS1 form?

Not explicitly, but we anticipate that an “Option A” EWS1 form would require a “Basic Assessment” as defined by the PAS, with an “Option B” EWS1 form requiring a “Further Technical Assessment” as defined by the PAS.

How does PAS 9980 relate to the Fire Safety Act 2021?

PAS 9980 will help building owners meet their obligations under the Act to include within their existing Fire Risk Assessment full consideration of the risks posed by “the buildings structure and external walls and any common parts”.

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