Under the Building Safety Bill that is currently going through Parliament, the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) will independently oversee the building control profession. They will assess it through a robust regulatory framework.

What is the Building Safety Bill?

The Building Safety Bill is a welcome positive introduction within our sector and will help ensure consistency across the building control profession, as well as improving standards. The Bill’s proposals may change before the Parliamentary process has concluded and the Bill becomes an Act (law), which onlyapplieses in England and Wales

What does it cover?

The new building control oversight framework will apply to local authorities and private sector registered building control approvers (RBCAs).

It will cover the performance of the building control sector and the competence of the professionals supporting the delivery of building control functions.

What will the BSR’s role be?

If the relevant sections of the Building Safety Bill remain unchanged, the BSR will consult on the building control oversight framework. This will include operational standards rules and associated key performance indicators, together with a code of conduct and competence framework for registered building inspectors and professional conduct rules.

How does it affect me?

If this applies to your work in the building control profession you will need to consider what these proposals will mean for you and what actions you may need to take to prepare.

At SFI, we are fully equipped to advise and consult on any next actions for your business or development. Please contact us with any questions.